Shelby Farrell

Marketing and Social Media Manager


Besides long-distance running, Shelby has a passion for creative marketing, bringing career experience from her work with notable brands Goodr, COROS Global, and Turtle Fur. She leverages her digital content expertise and brand ambassador experience to help businesses grow their online presence and audience engagement. With over seven years of experience in creating and managing content for various platforms, including websites, blogs, social media, podcasts, and videos, Shelby is behind Uphill Athlete’s Instagram account and various marketing campaigns.

Shelby lives full-time in a Winnebago van, exploring and trail running all over the country with her husband and two cats, Todd and Felicia (@toddandfelicia …of course they have their own IG account).

Learn more about Shelby at her website. 🐚🐝

Shelby Farrell