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Your questions, answered by Uphill Athlete.

Question: What training education resources are available on the Uphill Athlete website?

Answer: Uphill Athlete offers a vast library of educational articles covering a wide range of topics across the spectrum of mountain sports, including training methodologies, nutrition, injury prevention, female athletes, strength training, recovery, and mental preparation. These articles are written by seasoned athletes and coaches, making them a valuable source of knowledge for athletes at all levels.

Question: I have a story. How should I share it with the Uphill Athlete community?

Answer: We love this question! To submit your story, please refer to our submission guidelines. We appreciate your interest in sharing your story with the Uphill Athlete community. By doing so, you contribute to our mission of inspiring and educating mountain athletes and become part of our collective journey. Thank you.

Question: How do you work with athletes who have limited time? Can an athlete be successful in a trip or race with an hour a week during the week and long weekends?

Answer: An athlete can definitely be successful in their race or trip with limited time by doing the right workout with the right timing. When you need a higher degree of personalization in your training, you need coaching to adjust to your time constraints as an athlete.

Question: I am a full-time working individual and don’t have much time in a week to train for my upcoming mountaineering expedition in 4 months. How can you help me?

Answer: We work with many athletes who fall into this category. While mountaineering takes time to build up aerobic capacity and strength, and there are no shortcuts to this work, we have developed several avenues for time-crunched athletes to utilize the time they have. The best, most personalized option is one-on-one coaching, where you work directly with a coach to create a custom training plan tailored to your time constraints and unique schedule. Our coaches create a plan that maximizes your limited time during the week and helps you balance life and training stress. There is still time to hugely and positively impact your training in the four months you have left before the trip. If one-on-one coaching isn’t possible for you, we offer training plans designed for time-crunched individuals, which can be purchased for unlimited use or used on a monthly basis through our membership program. We also offer coaching consultations so one of our coaches can help walk you through and answer any questions you may have about one of our training plans.

Question: I have [some medical condition]and want to train for [some goal]. How can Uphill Athlete help me, given my requirements?

Answer: Our team includes experienced MDs and physical therapists who are also coaches. They possess the expertise and knowledge to address any injuries or medical conditions effectively. We are dedicated to assisting you in your journey towards achieving your goals.

Question: What makes your coaching unique? Why would I choose a coach over using a training plan or paying for a training membership?

Answer: We have built our coaching team with care and intention to have as broad of a skill, experience, and knowledge base within our team as possible. Our coaches function as a team with weekly team meetings to share our learnings and experiences. We know of no other coaching team that does this. To build on this ever-growing technical expertise, our coaches invest in you as a person and are deeply committed to helping you reach your goals. A coach helps you understand the principles behind your training, helps support you with any schedule changes or conflicts, and adapts your plan within the day to account for any needs you have. Life is not linear, and a coach understands how to help you get the most out of your training. A coach also helps with the mental side of training and the many aspects of preparing for an event or goal and supports you along this journey.

Question: Can I train for mountaineering objectives while living in vertically challenged areas? What are some ways you help athletes like me? What sample workouts do you recommend?

Answer: You can absolutely train for mountaineering objectives while living in a flat area. Many of our athletes fall into this category and have successfully summited mountains from Rainier to Everest. We focus on building strength and a robust aerobic base to help our athletes handle vertical challenges. This includes max strength work, muscular endurance, weighted climbs, and base aerobic work. While it may not be the most exciting, our athletes are able to gain the strength they need by using staircases in tall buildings, the stair master, uphill treadmill workouts, and box step-ups. Our training plans offer ways to complete uphill workouts in flat areas. We back this up with single-leg strength work, core strength, and weighted pack carries. Our athletes also build mental capacity and durability by completing these more monotonous workouts. This strength ultimately leads to better outcomes and greater perspective when climbing.

Question: What is the intended audience for the Uphill Athlete books? Do I need to have an exercise physiology background to understand it?

Answer: The intended audience for the Uphill Athlete books are individuals looking to understand the why behind training for mountain sports. The books are designed to help athletes learn the training principles and effects of training to further their pursuits of mountain sports. You do not need an exercise physiology background to understand the books. They are designed to break down complex training principles for all athletes to understand. While they are quite comprehensive, they are meant as a training manual for mountain athletes.

Question: How can I get the most out of the forum?

The Uphill Athlete forum is a place for us all to benefit from our different knowledge and experience, so the best way to get the most out of the forum is to give and take! Offering your experience and perspective to others will help them. When we all participate, the forum is truly vibrant and useful.

Question: Why should I book a consultation with a coach? How do I do it?

Answer: We are huge supporters of athletes pursuing a DIY approach to training. Our company was built on this experimental training philosophy, and anyone has the capacity to become a Uphill Athlete. However, it’s likely that you still might get stuck, and we have experts to help you out! You can book consults with any of our coaches to discuss training plans, HR zones, lab tests, injuries, nutrition, etc. We also offer consults with our physical therapist, MDs, and dietitian for more specific medical inquiries.

You can book a consultation call with one of our coaches here.

Question: What training options are available to me as an athlete?

Answer: We currently have two primary coaching offerings: 1:1 coaching and Training Memberships. We also offer individual training plans for purchase. 1:1 coaching requires the highest level of commitment and the greatest investment of time, mental and physical energy, and money. 1:1 coaching is $399/month, which you can learn more about here.

We also offer three levels of training memberships, which include all our programs and training plans, plus access to live experts, some coach guidance, and community support. Read more about the levels here

Our coaching offering with the lowest level of commitment is our training plans, which are designed to follow on your own. Our training plans are “Buy it once, Own it forever. Unlimited updates”.


Question: Can Uphill Athlete help me if I’m new to mountain sports and have no prior experience?

Answer: We welcome athletes of all levels. Whether you’re new to mountain sports or an experienced athlete, our coaches and resources can guide you through your journey, helping you build the necessary skills and fitness for your goals.

Question: How can I effectively balance my family life and training as an athlete?

Answer: We understand the challenges of juggling family responsibilities with training. We prioritize finding a balance between your athletic goals and your family life, ensuring that you can make progress while still spending quality time with your loved ones. Our coaches can work with you to create a personalized training plan that accommodates your family commitments.

Question: What nutrition guidance and resources does Uphill Athlete offer for athletes preparing for expeditions or races?

Answer: Nutrition plays a critical role in athletic performance. We provide resources and advice on proper nutrition to help athletes optimize their training and achieve their goals. Additionally, you can book a consultation with our dietitian for more specific nutrition-related inquiries. We’ll ensure you have the fuel you need to succeed in your endeavors. Nutrition lectures are also delivered as part of the ongoing service of our memberships.

Question: What is the purpose of Uphill Athlete’s Yoga for Recovery program?

Answer: The Yoga for Recovery program is specifically designed to complement an athlete’s training regimen. It focuses on post-exercise recovery and injury prevention, making it suitable for athletes of all levels, including those new to yoga. Yoga can help improve flexibility, mobility, and balance while reducing the risk of injuries. It aids in relieving muscle soreness and tension, promoting relaxation, and enhancing mental focus and clarity. Our Yoga for Recovery program is available exclusively through our memberships.

Question: How can I incorporate strength training into my training plan, and do you provide guidance on this?

Answer: Strength training is a valuable and often overlooked component to incorporate into your endurance training regimen. Our coaches can customize your plan to prioritize strength training if desired. We also offer the popular Chamonix Mountain Fit strength program, available through our training memberships. This follow-along routine, designed by Neil Maclean-Martin, is designed to enhance strength and increase resilience. 

Question: Do you have any recommended books for athletes looking to enhance their training knowledge?

Answer: We have published books such as Training for the New Alpinism and Training for the Uphill Athlete. These books provide comprehensive guides to training, nutrition, and preparation for mountain sports.