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If Uphill Athlete resources benefitted you and you have an interesting story to share from the mountains, we would love to hear from you. As the Uphill Athlete community thrives on both education and inspiration, we want to provide an easy way for you to share your story with all of us.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Uphill Athlete.

You may submit long-form essays, short social media-style posts, video content, or photo essays. All are welcome, and we recommend you use whatever format you feel is best for you.

For our collaboration to be smooth and successful, please read these guidelines carefully. Submitting to us means you have understood and agreed to allow us to post it on our website and promote it on all our channels.

 Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We do our best to be quick as we value your input.

We cannot guarantee that every submission will be published, but we will give feedback on your work with all the gratitude and respect it deserves. If your story is accepted, we may ask for additional information, such as a short biography and images with photo credits and captions to supplement the piece.

Our mission is to educate and inspire all mountain athletes. Therefore, we feature content from authors with different backgrounds.

You can submit content no matter where you are from. We prioritize content related outdoors and mountains, and we celebrate each story. 

It is extremely important to use non-offensive language. Any profanity is forbidden. No hate speech will be tolerated. Please be guided by respect and acceptance.

Please write in English since most of our audience expects English to be used.

Please be guided by good quality readability standards when writing (not too long sentences, for example).

Stories We Publish

We are moved by stories of personal growth (whatever that may be) within the context of mountain and outdoor experiences and how they shape and stretch the human experience. That feeling of awe, wonder, introspection, and fragility in the mountains or outdoor adventure sports. Feel free to speak your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Also, we love photo stories.


Your articles should be around 1500-2000 words long. Please submit your articles in Google Docs. Use the present tense.

References should be listed at the end of the article and numbered.

Photographs and Illustrations

All photographs and illustrations should be submitted as electronic files. IT IS THE AUTHOR’S RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN ANY NECESSARY PERMISSIONS AND INDICATE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS IN THE CAPTION. All images should be provided with the best possible resolution and in Google Drive. We prefer a landscape layout with a minimum of 1280px x 951px size. Format: JPEG.


If you have videos to share with the text, they should be uploaded to Google Drive, and links should be submitted to us in the article.