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A recovery-focused yoga practice for athletes.

Welcome to video-based, self-guided yoga from Uphill Athlete.

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Four levels allow you to progress on your own schedule.

Level 1 starts at 30-minutes and Level 4 is 45 minutes in duration.

Four body-area-specific video-based yoga blocks
Neck and Shoulders in 19 minutes
Hipflexors and Hamstrings in 19 minutes
Back and Butt  in 16 minutes
Calves and Feet in 17 minutes

Access is granted immediately, within your Uphill Athlete Account, upon purchase.

Confirmation, log-in information, and instructions to cast the videos to a connected advice via the Vimeo app are sent to the email address you provide at check-out.

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2 reviews for Uphill Athlete Yoga

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    I started the Yoga program back in January to supplement my Nordic skiing and training with the Mountain Project- MT, and I cannot be more satisfied. I am not much on reviews but have to say this program has helped me immensely. I went all-in and did 49 days straight (thanks Covid & various quarantines), with about a week and half in each level and supplementing with part-specific add ons. I now do the program 2-3x/week and do whatever level feels right, based on my work and workout schedule. It starts easy and level 4 is still pretty tough. But if you are looking for a floor-based, recovery routine, you can’t go wrong with this.

  2. Andy (verified owner)

    This needs more reviews. I’ve been using this series regularly for a few months and have seen some major life benefits. It’s certainly helping with recovery and mobility, but the really surprising thing for me was how much it helped my sleep, and how much it’s helped me stay relaxed (physically) during the day.

    Sleep: I started doing this right before bed time, and after a couple weeks noticed that I was falling asleep immediately, staying asleep all night, and generally feeling better rested…This is with some above average work stress that had been keeping me awake, and a restless, pregnant partner dealing with some insomnia. The best part is that now that I’m familiar with the techniques I can get some of the sleep benefits very quickly… Even just a few minutes of lying on the floor in constructive pose breathing and relaxing my muscles until the tension is gone will get the job done.

    Relaxation: I never realized how much tension I was carrying around in my body, specifically back, shoulders, and neck, until I started this program. May of the poses you hold and relax into for multiple minutes. There were times that I thought my shoulders were completely relaxed, only to find that I had another 20%-40% to go. Once you feel what it’s like to truly release all the tension in a muscle, that “muscle memory” doesn’t go away.

    I’ve been taking this knowledge on runs, ski tours, bike rides, sitting at my desk, cooking dinner, etc. I can say with absolute certainty that I’m carrying less tension with me throughout the day, and as of a couple days ago a chronic, mystery upper back problem I’ve had for a couple years has gone away. This was a pretty serious issue that took me off the mountain bike for 3 months in 2021… Yin Yoga, which I believe is used heavily in this program, was recommended to me by the Chiro I started seeing when the issue first got really bad… I wish I had take that advice soon!

    So… Worth every dollar I paid and then some.

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