Chamonix Mountain Fit At-Home Strength Program

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A progressive, video-based, minimal-gear-required self-guided strength program designed by Uphill Athlete and taught by renowned Physical Therapist Neil Maclean-Martin.

Chamonix Mountain Fit is continually evolving and growing! You can look forward to more new workouts added each year.

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A progressive, video-based, self-guided strength program from Uphill Athlete.

  • 7 distinct workouts in total.
  • Chamonix Mountain Fit is continually evolving and growing! New workouts added annually.
  • Physical Therapist/Coach Led.
  • Extensive cues for correct form are provided throughout.
  • Perfect for any foot-born mountain athlete from skiers to climbers to runners.
  • Designed to be done twice a week.
  • Guidance is given for when you should progress to the next level of difficulty.
  • Each video-workout is 25-65 minutes in duration.
  • No special equipment required for levels 0-3. Some weights required for level 4.

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Chamonix Mountain Fit

Exercise list by level

Level 0:

One legged Squats
Climb exercise

Level 1 lite:
Reverse lunge
Hip openers
Hip flexor exercise
Hamstring exercise
Dynamic cobra stretch
Fundamentals of movement: the core and trunk control
Leg lifts
Arm lifts
Ankle prevention work for sprains

Level 2 lite:
Hip openers
Glute stretch
Dynamic plank
Downward dog
Fundamentals of movement- pilates based exercises
Bridge with leg and arm pulses
Side plank with rotation
Heel and toe touch (45 degree angle)
Hop – balance exercise
Leg swings

Level 3 lite:
Hip openers
Glute stretch
Dynamic plank
Downward dog
Arm raises from triangle position
Leg swings
Fundamental core/trunk stability
Leg lifts/crossover
Foot rotations
Glute/core lift
Side plank rotation
Toe touch
Knee to elbow plank rotation
Knee rotation plank
Squat rotation
Balance exercise: one legged hop
Hip openers
Hip openers with core rotation
T balance with rotation

Level 1:
Jog and knee raises
Leg swings
Leg swings with crossover
Hip openers
Glute stretch
Plank with toe touch
Squat with leg raise
Squat with heel touch
Lunges with arm reach
Glute mead exercise with knee raises
Leg raises with pulses
Arm raises
Side plank rotations
Hip raises
Deep squats
Hip openers with rotation
Rotator cuff exercises
Lunge with open arm rotation
Glute stretch
Downward dog
Leg crossover glut stretch
Breathing exercise

Level 2:
Knee raises
Jog in place
Fast feet
Leg swings
Glute stretch
Dynamic downward dogs
Leg raises
skiers lunge
Speed skater
Jump squats
Squats with arm reach
Squats with knee touch
Knee raise progression
Downward dog
T Position
Bridge drops
Scissor kicks
Obliques exercise
Leg lifts
Side plank with rotation
Jump squats
Stirring exercise
Hip raises
Side shuffle
Russian twists
Side lunge
Leg dip
Arm touch with crossover
Elbow touch
Mountain pose with side stretch
Leg swings with toe touch
Glute stretch
Lunge rotations
Hip rotations
Long line stretch

Level 3:
Jogs in place
High knees
Fast feet
Leg swings
Toe touches
Glute stretch
High leg lift with squat
Jump squats
Drop knee lunges
Side plank with leg pulses
Side plank with hip openers
Downward dog
Glute max exercises – hip raises
Dynamic pushup
Side plank rotations
circuit: split jumps, steering
Bar Squats
Leg slides
One legged squat
Hip openers with rotation
Arm thrust with kettlebell or water bottle
Leg swings

Level 4:
Jog in place
High knees with high speed
High knees with high speed (increase)
Fast feet
Side to side hop
Diagonal hop
Toe touches
Leg swings
Glute stretch
Dynamic downward dog
Leg lift
Jump squat with kick
Romanian deadlifts
Resistance band pull with lunge
Two foot jump (180 degree landing)
Single leg rotations
Monster walk with resistance band
Side plank with leg pulses
Brazilian touch
Barn doors
Downward dog
Hip raises with kettlebell
Greyhound sequence
Clock face leg raises
Mountain climbers
Star rotation
Side plank- Knee to elbow touch
Circuit: split jump squat, speed skater
(He reduced the recovery times)
Heel sliders with kettlebell raise
Russian twists with kettlebell
Side lunch with slider
Back lunge with slider
Single leg dip with kettlebell
Halos with kettlebell
Axe chops with kettlebell
Hip openers
Compass point with crossover
Leg swings
Warm down stretches
Breathing re-set


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7 reviews for Chamonix Mountain Fit At-Home Strength Program

  1. Brendan Cusick

    The Chamonix Mountain Fit program is a fantastic resource for any mountain athlete. I am always in pursuit of improving my optimization of endurance and whole body conditioning. The mountain fit program provides a simple, clear, and balanced approach to getting stronger, improving imbalances, and supporting my endeavors of as an uphill athlete.

  2. jacksonegriffith (verified owner)

    Just started my first Level 1 session today, Excellent plan, really highlighting imbalances straight away! Look forward to see where the sore bits are tomorrow. Thank for the collaboration guys.

  3. wmarsh3 (verified owner)

    Fantastic and comprehensive program. Great use of an hour.

  4. Beth Long

    I’m relatively new to running, and the Chamonix Mountain Fit program has already transformed my experience on the trails. The intelligent progression and clear explanations illuminated what I was doing in my runs; my form improved immediately and I just plain enjoyed moving more. The series has quickly become an essential element of my training.

  5. Eric G (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for years for a plan or workout to help me understand proper form to avoid back and knee pain while doing leg and core exercises, and finally found it in the Chamonix program. It clearly describes and demonstrates how to keep your core and spine aligned during training and I’ve begun to apply the concepts to my actual outdoor pursuits. The fact that this is focused specifically on the uphill athlete is a huge plus as it’s not just general fitness, but what I need to get ready for some big objectives. I also appreciate how well it’s produced: simple but clear audio and video with a second inset video for additional right vs. wrong form. The instructor has a nice easy way of leading you through a variety of exercises with clear and helpful instruction.

  6. harry mattison (verified owner)

    I’m a 48 year old, middle of the pack ultra runner, and I wish I had this training years ago! For me, Level 1 is a challenging workout that leaves me feeling great (and a bit sore the next day). The helpful tips and positive encouragement from Neil make the hour go by quickly and the hard parts seems not quite so hard.

  7. William Hampton (verified owner)

    Workouts are a great mix of physical therapy mixed with a strength workout that focuses on all the things I hate to focus on by myself. As a military member, it’s a good supplementary program and awesome for travel based on how little gear it requires.
    Only request would be way to download the videos for use in areas without wifi when I’m traveling for work.

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