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Nutrition Coaching

Training hard, or preparing for a big event?

Get 1:1 expert nutrition coaching to support your goals.

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Since 2016, Uphill Athlete has been setting the standard for mountain sports training, and our nutrition coaching is no different. 

Nutrition guidance with your training and lifestyle in mind is the fuel that will set you up to achieve your goals, no matter your sport.

science tested, results proven.




Start any time. 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your experience after 12 weeks.

Holistic training starts from the inside.

Level up your training, prevent injuries, achieve your goals, and feel good in the process.

Meet Your Dietitian, Alyssa Leib

Alyssa Leib is a registered dietitian whose passion for nutrition and wellness is deeply rooted in her love for mountain sports. With a decade of prior experience in health and nutrition research, Alyssa’s commitment to providing evidence-based recommendations is unwavering. Her approach to nutrition is holistic, recognizing that a healthy relationship with food is just as crucial as physical health and athletic achievement.


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