Coach Thomas SummerI grew up in beautiful Vorarlberg in the west of Austria. Spending my childhood in the mountains, I soon discovered running. After a big skiing accident, I was lucky to be able to walk again. Back to running was a long journey. In the meantime, I began studying medicine in Vienna. After some months of rehab I was finally also able to start running again. But as Vienna has not many hills I focused on track and road running. As I progressed with my medical education I also got faster and faster. Since graduating I’m working only halftime and focus also on running. I even had a little success and competed three times in the world championships in mountain running. Unfortunately, I never made an international championship qualifier in the Marathon. But my love was never on the road, but always in the mountains. So, I retired from competition in 2016. Since then, I’m enjoying my time in the mountains. Moving as fast and light as possible. I was able to complete some great projects and set some FKTs around the world.?Throughout the years I had many good coaches. And I was also coaching other athletes regularly. I even tried to be a coach for myself. But listening to yourself is harder than to someone else. After reading and studying their books, I found my way to uphill athlete in 2019. From the beginning I really liked the training process, and I enjoy the close communication and the individual training. Above all it’s a lot of fun and my performance is steadily increasing. I’m a big fan and believer in the uphill athlete method and I’m happy to coach based on my experience as an athlete. Moreover I combine my “athlete brain” with my “MD brain.” I’ll finish my specialty in rehab and sport medicine in 2022. Of course, I also continue to be an uphill athlete. As coaching is science and art, I hope that I’m able to cover both sides a bit. And what’s left I fill with my love and passion for the mountains.