Genis Zapater

Trail running and ski mountaineering



uphill athlete Coach Genis Zapater

Genis has been a coach to four world cup athletes and several other athletes for the last 10 years. He has been a world-class athlete since he was a teenager and has raced internationally, winning several races in ski mountaineering, trail running, and mountain biking.

Genis comes from a family of high-performing mountaineers, cyclists, ski mountaineering, and trail runners. His 750+ ITRA points speak for his trail running prowess. A professional athlete for 10 years, he is used to training 25 hours a week for a demanding sport like ski mountaineering. Now, he coaches other athletes to achieve their dreams, mostly in ski mountaineering, trail running, and a bit of mountain biking.

He has contributed to several studies and research work on endurance and physiology. Most of them were on skimo performance in extreme conditions like altitude and low temperatures. One such study was the difference in performance in using poles with different heights and techniques in short and long climbs in skiing or running, which defines his attention to detail in bringing out performance in his athletes.

Along with coaching, he is currently working on his mountain guide certification from the Spanish School of Mountaineering and ENSA in Chamonix. He also runs an outdoor video production company.

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