Alexa Hasman is a force. She was raised running in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and is passionate about increasing her mental and physical abilities to tackle long and difficult ultramarathons. Winning her first 100 miler started her on a journey of improving her own physical and mental toughness which continues to this day. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, two children, and many pets. Therefore, she is very familiar with balancing the responsibilities of life with the rigor of intense physical training.

She has a BA in Psychology from the University of Oregon and is in the finishing phase of her dual Masters in Exercise Science and Sports Psychology with a focus on endurance sports. Alexa seeks to understand both the science and the psychology behind ultrarunning and has a firm belief that both are needed to succeed. She is excited to soon begin her doctorate program in Sports Psychology to continue pursuing knowledge in the field and even better support her athletes.

Alexa has coached clients for 14 years and lives for watching her athlete’s conquer feats they never believed possible. She uses positive encouragement and science-driven results to create long-lasting client relationships spanning over a decade. While training plans and statistics are important factors to success, Alexa additionally builds a relationship and deep understanding of her clients and what drives them personally. She becomes invested in the goals of her athletes and thrives in their success!

What are your big goals, the ones that are bigger than you say out loud? Alexa is here to listen, strategize, support, and watch you succeed!