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Uphill Athlete Coach Jerome Sullivan

Jerome’s coaching is backed by his 20 years of technical climbing and mountaineering experience in execrable weather conditions, several first ascents in remote places, and expedition planning knowledge. He won the Golden Ice Axe (Piolet d’Or) in 2016, considered the Oscar of mountaineering and climbing.

Jerome is a French-American mountaineer and climber. In his view, given the other conditions are conducive, most mistakes in the mountains result from wrong or untimely decisions, and excellent training and fitness influence the possibilities of success. His extensive mountain experience helps his athletes in expedition complexities like logistics, food, risk management, mental resilience, gear, conditions, weather, technical abilities, etc.

Various media publications, like Alpinist, American Alpine Journal, etc, have widely covered Jerome’s climbing adventures. He won Piolet d’Or in 2016 for the first ascent of “Hasta las webas”, Cerro Riso Patron (1000m, Extremely Difficult) Patagonia in September 2015.

With many first ascents to his name, some notable ones are:

“El pillar del sol naciente” (1000M; 7b, A1, M6, WI 6)
Cerro Murallon, Patagonia in November 2012

“Iliad” (900m, TD) and the first general ascent of Mont Boucansaud.
Revelations, Alaska in March 2014

“Ballas y Chocolate” (900m WI 5+, A2, M6+)
Cerro Adela, Patagonia in October 2015 (won the Spanish climbing federation prize for the best ascent of the year)

“Metrophobia” (1700m, 5.11d, A2, 120 degrees)
Approach by kayak, 340 km in total autonomy in Greenland

The needle “El Faro”
East face of Cerro San Lorenzo, Patagonia in October 2018

First ascent of Harvest Moon (1600m, WI 6, M6) in Pakistan

First ascent of Pakistan’s Pumari Chhish East (6850m) and climbing “The Crystal Ship” (1600m, M7, 6b, A2).

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