Pete Dickinson

Physical Therapist



Coach Pete Dickinson

“After 35 years in the field and learning from many of my mistakes, I have a unique perspective to bring to difficult injuries, poor previous rehab outcomes, and unusual conditions. I have developed unique expertise in tendon injuries, sport spine conditions, and training error resolution.”

With over three decades of experience guiding some of the world’s top competitors, Pete has devised a virtual delivery method for his proven treatment philosophy and application. Utilizing the latest advancements in telehealth technologies, he provides on-demand, location-independent evaluation, treatment for acute performance injuries, and ongoing training enhancement. Pete aims to expedite patients’ return to activity by incorporating cutting-edge therapy techniques. Pete’s illustrious career as a Physical Therapist has taken him around the world, where he has worked with the US Ski Team and professional cycling teams. He is an official team therapist for the US ParaNordic Team, US Ski and Snowboard, Cross-Country, Alpine Downhill, and Irish National Cycling Team (Tour of Siam). Embracing the team concept in athlete care, he is committed to doing whatever it takes to enhance their health. He believes listening to the athlete is a fading skillset in general medicine and strives to bring this ethos to Uphill Athlete.

Pete’s firsthand life experience and long tenure in physical therapy have bolstered his deep understanding of the body’s adaptive capacity and given him a competitive edge in problem-solving at the highest level of training. Recognizing the importance of time, he develops and implements customized, sustainable plans for performance recovery.

Drawing from his inventory of successful case studies and a finely-tuned approach to treatment solutions, Pete’s role at Uphill Athlete takes several forms in adapting programs to existing/previous injuries, helping rehabilitate an injury, and identifying training errors blocking progress in training.

Pete enjoys all the usual outdoor stuff, backcountry skiing outside his door, biking, hiking in the mountains, and celebrating a great family life with his wife and two kids.

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