Drew Hammond

Tactical Coach, Military Training



Uphill Athlete Coach Drew Hammond

With a unique blend of experience, expertise, and a touch of unconventional adventure, you want Drew Hammond by your side on your journey to peak athletic performance.

Drawing from a decade of service in embedded human performance roles within both special operations and conventional military environments, Drew has honed his coaching skills in the most demanding conditions. He’s trained athletes for high-stakes deployments, grueling selection events, and intense training evolutions across all levels.

Drew’s passion for coaching led him to complete his graduate work in Strength and Conditioning in Edinburgh, Scotland. During this time, he worked alongside collegiate, professional, and international-level athletes. This diverse experience has given him a global perspective on training that sets him apart in the world of athletic coaching. Drew’s qualifications speak to his commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

As a co-host of the popular tactical human performance podcast, MOPs and MOEs, Drew has engaged with thought leaders both inside and outside the military. His commitment to advancing the conversation on tactical training has made him a true pioneer in the field, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in human performance.

In his downtime, Drew enjoys pursuing odd hybrid training goals, namely, the combination of powerlifting and Ironman triathlon, for no real reason other than to see if it can be done.

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