Jaime Navarro Gutierrez

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Jaime Navarro Gutierrez

Jaime’s coaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that everyone can reach their climbing goals through structured training and dedicated effort. While he humbly doesn’t consider himself a naturally gifted athlete, his tenacity, discipline, and passion for training have allowed him to excel in the sport.

Jaime finds immense joy in helping others discover their untapped potential. He understands the value of accountability and structured training plans, which is why he’s passionate about creating personalized programs for fellow climbers and his athletes. He sees coaching as an opportunity to guide individuals toward achieving heights they may have never thought possible.

Originally hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Jaime Navarro Gutierrez has made Canada his home since 2013, with Canmore serving as his primary residence. His climbing journey began in 2012, and over the years, he has evolved into a dedicated coach and athlete. Jaime’s versatility shines through as he embraces various climbing disciplines, including sport climbing, trad climbing, alpine rock climbing, and ice climbing.

Jaime’s coaching approach is rooted in his own experiences, which include tackling challenging routes, participating in the Scarpa Athlete Mentorship Initiative program, and earning certifications as a Performance Climbing Coach.

Some of his athletic achievements:

 – Climbed Army Ants (8a+) in Canmore, showcasing exceptional sport climbing skills
 – Conquered Pren Nota (8a) in Siurana, Spain, demonstrating international climbing prowess
 – Successfully tackled Naissance de la Femme (8a) in Canmore, Canada
 – Completed the challenging Beckey/Chouinard (5.10+ 600m) route in the Bugaboos, showcasing alpine rock climbing expertise
 – Climbed Made From Fire (5.12a) and The Oracle (5.12aR) in Squamish, demonstrating trad climbing proficiency
 – Tackled challenging mixed and ice routes, including Suffer Machine (M7/WI6), Mythologic (WI6+), and others
 – Achieved a Moonboard V7 bouldering grade

Outside of coaching, Jaime works as a rep in the outdoor industry at the local climbing gym in Canmore and is pursuing his dream of becoming a Mountain Guide through the Spanish School of Mountain Guides. Jaime’s optimism, ambition, and passion for the sport make him a compelling and inspirational coach who empowers other climbers.

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