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TrainingPeaks provides the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training. Our software takes the guesswork out of training so that athletes can reach their goals healthier, stronger, and faster. Our products include TrainingPeaks.com Athlete and Coach Edition, WKO+ desktop software for cutting-edge scientific analysis and planning, and the TrainingPeaks mobile apps for iOS and Android. TrainingPeaks solutions are used by Tour de France teams, IRONMAN® World Champions, Olympians, and age group athletes and coaches around the world to track, analyze and plan their training.

It was the late-90’s and thanks to his popular Training Bible book series, Joe Friel’s coaching business was growing rapidly. But in the dawning age of the Internet, he noted that coaches and athletes still relied on inefficient handmade logs, email and fax machines.
Around the same time Joe’s son Dirk, a former pro cyclist and coach himself, got together with his best friend Gear Fisher, an engineer and cyclist as well. Over beers, Dirk echoed Joe’s frustrations. Gear confidently said that he could create a web-based training log that would enable Joe and Dirk to deliver their coaching methodology efficiently to athletes anywhere. Within a year, the world’s first online training log allowing coaches to work with an unlimited number of athletes was released. Over time, TrainingPeaks became a neutral platform allowing any coach to deliver their own methodology, or any athlete to train intelligently and effectively according to a plan of their choice.


TrainingPeaks is our preferred all-in-one online coaching platform, designed to provide personalized coaching and optimize training for endurance and mountain sports athletes like yourself.

Get a special 20% discount on a TrainingPeaks Premium membership when you purchase any training plan. Uphill Athlete and TrainingPeaks collaborate to offer our coaching expertise on the world's finest online training platform.

training plans

individual coaching


Intro to Ultra's Training Plan V2.1


Mike Foote’s 20 week BIG VERT plan

for intermediate to advanced mountain runners

3 Day Stage Run Training Plan


Advanced Mountain Running Training Plan

16 Weeks

24 Week Beginner Marathon Plan

road or flat trail

24 Week Mountaineering Training Plan


16 Week Big Mountain Training Plan


12 week time crunched mountaineering plan


8 week beginner mountaineering training plan



Led by legendary alpinist Steve House, the uphill Athlete coaching staff combines professional mountain athlete coaches, sports science professionals, physio practicioners, and dietitians to give you exactly the support you need, how you need it, to achieve your mountain goals.