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Utah Skimo

Advancing safety and skills in Ski mountaineering

Utah SkiMo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the sport of ski mountaineering in Utah. We host a biweekly citizen event series during the winter and also work with ski mountaineering race and event promoters in Utah to help promote and sponsor ski mountaineering events.

In addition to events, Utah Ski Mountaineering provides education to new and experienced skiers. In particular, we have a goal of increasing the participation in ski mountaineering through reaching out to juniors (14 to 22 year olds) and women.

Ski Uphill.

SkiMo Racing is type-2 fun all the way and Uphill Athlete and Utah SkiMo are there with you every stride of the way. Utah SkiMo and Uphill Athlete share a common passion for the mountains and a commitment to enhancing the experience of mountain athletes.

While Utah SkiMo's primary focus is on advancing the safety, skills, and sport of ski mountaineering in the beautiful landscapes of Utah, Uphill Athlete is dedicated to educating and inspiring all mountain athletes worldwide through their extensive training resources.

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