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At the root of our climbing philosophy is a true love and a deep understanding of the mountain wilderness. We seek to transcend a one-dimensional approach to guiding and aid climbers in becoming self-sufficient and environmentally conscious alpinists. Whether attending our mountaineering school, trekking in the Himalayas, or attempting an 8000m peak, we treat each expedition as a unique exploration. We realize that every team member is an adventurer in their own right, and joins Alpine Ascents to embrace the challenge of the mountains and their teachings.

Alpine Ascents International has been at the vanguard of mountaineering instruction and sustainable high altitude guiding since our debut on Everest in 1986. Our mountaineering courses in Washington and Alaska are widely considered to be the finest alpine climbing program offered in the United States. Many of our graduates have achieved success in the Great Ranges, become mountain guides, and have
gone on to have fruitful and fulfilling personal climbing careers.

In addition to instruction, we offer more than 30 different expeditions led by world-class mountain guides and cutting edge alpinists in 14 countries including the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Our Denali program in particular has had consistently high summit success relative to our competitors, due to our highly experienced guide staff and expert operational support.


Alpine Ascents and Uphill Athlete join forces to offer customized assistance in achieving your mountain goals. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned mountaineer, Uphill Athlete's training seamlessly blends proven sports science with years of on-the-mountain knowledge. With tailored training plans and personalized coaching, Uphill Athlete provides comprehensive support for your journey to the summit.

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Led by legendary alpinist Steve House, the uphill Athlete coaching staff combines professional mountain athlete coaches, sports science professionals, physio practicioners, and dietitians to give you exactly the support you need, how you need it, to achieve your mountain goals.