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Based in Innsbruck (Austria) and Lake Tahoe (USA), Furtenbach Adventures is a fully licensed guide company and expedition operator, renowned for their Seven Summits program and Everest Flash™ expeditions – the shortest, safest and most successful Everest expeditions.

25 years of expedition experience and the latest innovations in research, development and technology make Furtenbach the most successful operator on Everest and one of the most innovative adventure operators in the world. Our 100% success rate on Everest over several years is unmatched and comes with a zero-accident record. What makes us more successful than all other expeditions, is our belief that we can only be successful if we always rely on the latest findings from science, medicine and technology. This way we could develop innovations like our customized hypoxic pre-acclimatization program that makes a 3-week Everest Flash™ expedition possible, improved 100% redundant oxygen systems with a flow of 8L/Min, wearable technology for monitoring vital data and the latest heating and insulation technologies that enable us to increase safety, performance and success on the mountain.

Furtenbach Adventures has successfully obtained the prestigious Travelife certification for sustainable tourism as part of their participation in the SUSTOUR project. Their commitment to environmentally friendly practices extends to preserving and protecting the natural environments in which their expeditions take place.

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Furtenbach Adventures and Uphill Athlete offer you the ideal support to achieve your mountain aspirations. Whether you're embarking on your first expedition or bring decades of experience, Uphill Athletes' training combines established sports science with decades of on-the-mountain expertise. From tailored training plans aligned with your sport and objectives to personalized coaching, you'll receive the precise support required to reach your summit.

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Led by legendary alpinist Steve House, the uphill Athlete coaching staff combines professional mountain athlete coaches, sports science professionals, physio practicioners, and dietitians to give you exactly the support you need, how you need it, to achieve your mountain goals.