Shashiraj ShanbhagShashi lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife and daughter. He is originally from India and lived in the US for eight years before moving to Canada in 2016. Since starting to train with Uphill Athlete in 2020, Shashi has been committed to improving his fitness and developing climbing skills on rock, snow and ice. He also enjoys exploring the outdoors with his family and journals his personal and family trips on his blog.

Shashi is passionate about helping athletes new to mountain sports. He is a British Columbia Mountaineering Club member and has helped launch the club’s first mentorship program. At Uphill Athlete, Shashi provides email/forum support and answers questions from the community. Responding to athlete questions has helped him better understand the Uphill Athlete training philosophy and inspired him on his climbing journey. Uphill Athlete has created a fantastic community, and Shashi is thrilled to be part of it.