Kylee Toth  is a mother, coach, and Canadian National Team veteran. Her passion for skiing began when she was just 18 months old and she has been in love with the sport ever since. A true Canadian girl, Kylee’s childhood was spent ice skating, skiing and doing all things active. She excelled at the sport and was a member of the Canadian National Speed Skating team until she retired in 2007. She then pivoted to ski mountaineer racing. She has competed at three world championships and many Grande Course races. For cross training and enjoyment Kylee enjoys steep skiing, rock and ice climbing, mountaineering and holds many FKT’s in the Canadian Rockies. Kylee believes that everyone has potential and she is committed to empowering them to succeed by helping them meet their fitness goals. She shares her enthusiasm for health, wellness, and diligence with everyone she meets. Kylee’s personal goals are to be a positive athlete, good mom, supportive teammate, role model and ambassador of clean sportsmanship and healthy values. Kylee’s professional goal is to represent Canada at the Olympics in 2026 when Ski Mountaineer racing will make its debut.