John’s fitness background is built on a foundation of years of being an actual athlete, a common thread at Uphill Athlete. As a climber John has amassed 10 First Ascents across the state of Alaska in six years including new, independent lines on Mount Dickey and Mount Wake, as well as the First Winter Ascent of the French Ridge of Mount Huntington among others. Since his first trip to Alaska in 2009 John has made 18 separate trips to and completed 16 different routes to a summit. Nearly all of these were completed as a father of two and working full-time job as a manager at Intel in Portland, Oregon.

How to: Smash and Grab Climbing with Coach Frieh

John’s desire to be the best climber he could be within the constraints of his career and family has exposed him to a variety of training programs and coaches including CrossFit, Mountain Athlete, Dan John, and Steve Maxwell among others. In January of 2009, John began working with Mark Twight of, at the time, Gym Jones. In 2012 John became the first person to earn Full Certification from Gym Jones. His 10 years as a coach are defined by John’s dynamic approach and professionalism which help him ensure a superior experience and results his athletes value.

John founded the Portland Ice Festival in 2006 which, grew into the Portland Alpine Festival; one of the largest climbing festivals in the United States. John is a graduate of Oregon State University.”