Jack is an endurance coach excited to help athletes reach their potential in the mountains and beyond. As an athlete, he is self coached using Uphill Athlete’s methodology and trained to the highest levels of mountain competition almost entirely in the flats of coastal Virginia.

Born in Dallas, TX, Jack was raised hiking and trail running in northwestern Connecticut. Growing up he was an avid bike packer, completing self supported trips both solo and with friends across Asia and Africa. He attended Yale and received a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies, where, extracurricularly, he focused on powerlifting and ice hockey. Following graduation, he commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy and completed Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training. Jack served on an east coast SEAL team and completed deployments to Eastern Europe and Africa. In late 2021, Jack left the military to coach and compete full time.

Jack is a competitive mountain athlete with a love for steep, technical racing. In 2018, he completed his first ultra and in 2019 he completed five races at the 50-100K distance, finishing on the podium of every race he’s competed in. In 2020 and 2021, he focused on FKTs, setting records on many of the most competitive mountain efforts in the Northeast. Outside of running, Jack also enjoys rock climbing and ski mountaineering and has battled his fear of heights during solo ski summits of 14ers in California and Colorado. Going forward, he is focused on disaggregated races, particularly longer mountain efforts on foot and skis. He also volunteers as a Regional Editor for FastestKnownTime and is passionate about bringing athletes together for accessible competition. He is based out of Northern California.