Dave Thompson


Dave grew up in a small town nestled deep in the North Cascade mountains of Washington State. He spent his childhood exploring the mountains, forests, and rivers around his home. In his mid-teens he started peak bagging. Over the next couple of years he spent the summers exploring and climbing the peaks he had been looking at with wonder since his childhood. It was also during this formative time that he began voraciously reading about climbing and became deeply inspired by the exploits of Steve and Scott both locally and on the world’s most formidable mountains.

Eventually Dave wanted to climb some of the more challenging routes that required technical rock skills. Having no previous experience with rock climbing, he took a basic rock climbing course, and was immediately hooked. Dave recognized technical rock climbing as an opportunity to learn and execute skilled movements in inspiring natural environments. It wasn’t long before technical rock climbing became his primary ambition.

Since then he has done thousands of routes, and boulder problems, and hundreds of first ascents on rock. He is responsible for many difficult rock climbing test pieces in the Pacific Northwest region, a more well known one being, The Teacup, V13, in Leavenworth, Washington, established before Leavenworth was a world-wide bouldering destination.

Since then he has continued to push his personal climbing to ever higher levels of difficulty, climbing and establishing 5.14 routes and boulder problems V14 and beyond. He believes that climbing grades are subjective, and wants to continue to expand upon his own abilities to advance what is possible for him. While Dave climbs in most of the disciplines with varied frequency, he considers bouldering to be his favorite. He has a passion for the process of unlocking difficult rock climbs, and keen knowledge and curiosity regarding the physical and mental training necessary to achieve these ends. He extends these attributes to the athletes he coaches.

Dave moved to the Methow Valley in 2012, and met Scott shortly thereafter. As one of his childhood heroes, Dave greatly enjoyed discussing climbing and training with Scott, who tapped into his wealth of climbing experience and broad knowledge of training methodologies. Soon Dave and Scott began climbing and training together much more frequently. After many climbs, training sessions, and engaging conversations Scott began to mentor Dave as a coach. When Dave is not coaching, he is climbing, training, and establishing new routes and boulder problems. He is always seeking to understand and implement what is most effective for himself, his friends and family, and the athletes he coaches to help reach their full potential.


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