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Colorado Mountain Club

Living up to the spirit of adventure

With a friendly community, knowledgeable instructors and trip leaders, and a century-long legacy of adventure and education, the Colorado Mountain Club is the perfect way to explore Colorado. 

The Colorado Mountain Club is the Rocky Mountain community for mountaincraft education, adventure, and conservation. We exist to bring people together and share our love of the mountains—and community. From the uninitiated to the expert, there is a place for everyone here.

Founded in 1912, the CMC has built a legacy of responsible outdoor leadership and ethics, paired with a healthy spirit of adventure. Our heart beats from historic headquarters in Golden, Colorado, where we’re constantly fueled by the time we spend—and the experiences we share—in the wilderness.

Our peer-to-peer, skill-progression approach forges human connections, fosters mentorship, and turns aspirations into realities. We share knowledge and give support to advance our abilities, build confidence, and pass on these experiences to inspire the next generation.

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Stewardship and conservation is at the heart of CMC's mission. Get trained up with Uphill Athlete and book a trip with Colorado Mountain Club knowing you're part of an adventure community with integrity.


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Led by legendary alpinist Steve House, the uphill Athlete coaching staff combines professional mountain athlete coaches, sports science professionals, physio practicioners, and dietitians to give you exactly the support you need, how you need it, to achieve your mountain goals.