Where is everyone located?

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    To perhaps prevent flooding the forum with threads on individual locations, share your location here to meet up!

    I’m in Salzburg, Austria. I don’t suppose anyone else is nearby? 😀

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    Great to see hear about everyone’s exotic locations (i.g. Kansas!). I am based in Salt Lake City, along with my wife Dana who is also doing this training session. No Everest or Himalaya hopes for us this year. We do a lot of hiking and are mostly interested in continuing to keep up with our teenage sons that are big into skimo and mountain biking.

    Casey Turner on #71050

    Hey there! Yakima, WA.

    James Carr on #71054

    Hi there. I’m a 42 year old based in Lausanne, Switzerland so fairly close proximity to the Alps – Chamonix, Saas Fee and Zermatt are all within a couple of hours drive. I’m planning on some day ski tours this winter, some 4000m peaks next summer including perhaps the Matterhorn in Summer 2023 (assuming the rockfall isn’t quite so dangerous as this year…).

    Lianna Miller on #71075

    Hey gang, I’m in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Training for general fitness and some moderate ski mountaineering goals — specifics for 2023 season are TBD.
    A long time ago I was a pro bike racer and have been a little…..allergic….to structure since I retired from racing. But time heals all wounds, and I’m feeling ready for a return. Looking forward to rejoining the ranks of “the coached” in a different sport.

    Raja on #71080

    Also Seattle! When I moved here last year I had dreams that I’d be doing Mailbox every week and running laps on Howe Street stairs with a heavy pack. Instead have spent the past year having too much fun mountain biking, skiing, and summiting random peaks every weekend. Hoping to switch from random/fun exercise to dedicated training.

    Big fan of Uphill Athlete for years and have used the learnings to significantly up-level my fitness but have never done a dedicated training block. If anyone’s interested in training in the Seattle area together, reach out on IG: @rajawashere (easier than email/forum).

    Richard Coburn on #71081

    Hi I’m in Arizona I don’t see anyone else in the desert state.

    Robert Moore on #71083

    Hi everyone really looking forward to being a part of this group and getting in some good training. I am 55, living in Germany near Trier so Alps, Pfalz, and various other local sport, trad and boulder areas. Font is 4 Hours and Chamonix about 8, Swiss border 4 hours drive. Had 3 seasons in Alps (before Covid times) and got up an M4/5 1000 meter mixed ice and rock north face in Winter. Ice climbing and a few ridges. I have been with Lattice Training for a year on 1-1 performance coaching plan with Rhoslyn. It’s been a great experience and seen improvement where I am looking for my first 7a flash on sport and 7b+ boulder.

    Great fan of Uphill Athlete and was self coached using the book. Looking to improve fitness so as to tackle Dent Du Géant next March and send some trad, sport and boulder along the way. I am really curious how this will fit together and the results. I am in this for the long term so my philosophy is show up and get into it ( something I learned from. Chamex Guide)…..and enjoy the process.

    I love hiking with my family, my daughters are 9 and 7, already asking to do 10 mile hikes….. so a pair of future Uphill Athlete…..

    Bjorn Bellenbaum on #71088

    Brooklyn, NYC! (And soon, Killington, Vermont) My biggest mountaineering experience was meeting Jimmy Chin at the gym a few weeks ago 🙂

    Training for backcountry skiing, Wapta traverse and Haute Route are my goals… excited to learn from y’all!

    Jsims6752 on #71102

    Hey all! I am located in Lander Wyoming. I am heading to the Mt Fairweather area in Alaska this spring. I have lots of mountaineering experience both personally and in working/professional contexts. If anyone comes through Wyoming I’d be happy to meet up!

    Josef Grech on #71107

    Hello Everyone, I´m based in Switzerland and train to enjoy climbing in the Alps. I´ve climbed a few peaks here and overseas and try to climb at least one 4000m every year (despite my age, 58) Piz Bernina in my sights for 2023.

    xenab.mansoor on #71115

    Hello everyone,

    So excited to meet everyone on here. I am Zenab (42 Female). I am originally from Pakistan, been in US for over a decade and Seattle is home base for the last couple of years. I am a pediatric ICU doc by trade and used to be a professional couch potato before starting my outdoor career with mountaineering in 2018 and have never looked back. I feel really grateful to have stumbled upon UA (book plus private coaching) from the very beginning and am an Uphill Athlete evangelist at this point. This is my third round of mountaineering group training and am very happy with the results. These guys are truly at the top of their game. I successfully climbed Denali on May 28th of this year after 2 rounds of MTG and have never felt more empowered and in control of my mental and physical training as I have with this group. I have really big goals coming up. I am signed up to climb Aconcagua in December 2022 and Everest in April/ May 2023. Successful completion of these would mark the end of my Seven Summits journey. I do hope to train and climb for as long as my mind and body would let me. P.S: I am a regular on the old Mailbox trail rain/ shine/ sleet etc. etc. Excited for this round and hoping to train well and learn from everyone. Upwards and onwards!

    Jeff.wright1 on #71120

    Jeff (35) and Priti (34) in Seattle, WA. We are a husband-and-wife team both stoked for this training group! We have been using TFTNA principles and doing UA training plans since we trained for our first Denali summit in 2015. Originally, we were typical PNW weekend warriors, and now we’re so grateful to Uphill Athlete for giving us knowledge to empower us to train properly for the bigger objectives that we desired. We’ll be on Mailbox and Cable Line often, so let us know if you want to join forces. Our last round of training was the 24 Week Expeditionary training plan in spring/summer 2022 for our expedition to Pakistan where we were unsuccessful in our objective (primarily due to a lost gamble at gear selection). We are preparing for another Pakistan expedition summer 2023.

    Alex Freer on #71122

    Hey All!

    I’m Alex (28) and live in SW Michigan. At different points throughout last year I started rock climbing, ice climbing, and backpacking. Last month I completed my first mountaineering trip on Baker with the American Alpine Institute. I’m currently planning a trip (AMTL 3 course) next summer in the Bugaboos with the same guide through AAI and another climber that I met on Baker. Stoked to start a more methodical training plan to work towards larger mountain goals!

    krbolin on #71123

    Hi! I’m Kurt (55) and I live in Colorado Springs. I’ve been primarily mountain biking the last year or so, but looking to develop fitness, mountaineering and mixed climbing skills over the next couple years. I’m hoping a more structured approach will support some bigger climbs down the road.

    Judson Pitman on #71125

    Hello! I am Judson (31) and live in Denver, CO. I am primarily a splitboarder, but also runner, climber and mountaineer. I have two attempts on Rainier (my party had to turn back on both due to weather) in which I trained using the 24 week mountaineering plan and felt great physically for both. Goals include Mt Shasta and another attempt on Rainier next year, with Denali the year after. This will be my first run in the mountaineering group.

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