Where is everyone located?

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    To perhaps prevent flooding the forum with threads on individual locations, share your location here to meet up!

    I’m in Salzburg, Austria. I don’t suppose anyone else is nearby? 😀

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    Tobias on #71166


    I’m Tobias (33) and I’m based in Darmstadt near Frankfurt (am Main) in Germany.
    So, a couple of hours to the alps. Day tours in the Andermatt region are doable but stressful, but I have a friend in Zurich, so there is a good base for that :). Before covid (in 2019) hat 19 weekends in the Swiss alps with the friend based in Zurich.

    We have plans in Chamonix next summer and want to tackle some of the more remote climbs described in a classic book about alpine routes “Im extremen Fels” originally by Walter Pause. A collection of 100 tours.

    Scott Lawson on #71224

    Hi everyone,

    I’m based in Bozeman, MT. I’m mainly a mountain biker and skier(backcountry, alpine & nordic) now. I used to be an avid trail and road runner but after a few knee surgeries and finally a total knee replacement a couple of years ago,
    I decided to get as much mileage out of my new knee as possible and stopped running. I’m hoping this training will help me keep up with my friends Marty and Dana who are also in this course (no hope in keeping up with their teenage boys!).

    Pedro Faísco on #71230

    Lausanne, Switzerland

    willtabor on #71231

    I’m in Tacoma, WA. I identify as a skier, but i seem to run and dabble in rock climbing alot. I’m coming off of four years of a job that had me at sea alot, am I am looking to build back and increase my fitness. followed MAF method principles this summer and I’m ready to follow a plan and get to know others (accountability and stuff). Big goals are all ski related, big lines on PNW volcanoes, NCNP ski lines, that kinda stuff.

    Susanne Kuehn on #71234

    I am based in Geneva, Switzerland which gives easy access to French and Swiss alps.
    I hope to finish the seven summits of the alps with Dufourspitze next Summer

    aaronnorlund on #71236

    Hey all! I split my time between Atlanta, Georgia and Jacksonville, FL in the USA, so a real flatlander! Orchestral trumpet player by profession!

    Relatively new to distance backpacking, I’ve been really excited to learn how to improve my fitness. I’m starting with the Mountaineering group to get more directed guidance upfront to better inform my self—guided training moving forward.

    My goal is to increase my cardio base to the end of dramatically increasing my daily vertical and distance limits. To develop the capacity to cover 100-200 mile high routes (9-13,000ft) with minimal resupply due to speed. For summer 2023, I plan to hike sections 1-3 of the Sierra High Route in CA, and the 100mi Wind River High Route in WY, plus a trip with friends in the us Absarokas, WY, all with my Border Collie. I’m also hoping to join a guided trip with Andrew Skurka Adventures in Alaska.

    Excited to be here!

    András Reith on #71357

    Budapest / Hungary / Europe
    nice to meet you all,
    I am really excited about UA and MTG.

    bengibson on #71365

    Hey Everyone – My name is Ben, I’m currently located in Bend, Oregon.

    I’m training for Denali as my primary objective, but also just to be prepared to ski, SkiMo, and climb as much as I can outside of bigger objectives.

    surech.k on #71494

    Hey Guys, I am Surech from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After a long hiatus since 2009, I’m getting back into mountaineering. The last two major climbs were G2 and Cho Oyu.

    Currently, my main focus is on reconditioning my fitness and regaining my technical skills.

    Mark Blackwell on #71528

    Hello team, I am in Milan, Italy and have been living here for a year and a half after fifteen in NYC. The mountains are bigger here to say the least. I am always happy to travel to the Dolomites and all parts of the Alps so if any of you in Europe need a partner for ice this winter I’d love to hear from you. mbblackwell@gmail.com





    JB on #71529

    Hey all! I’m located in New Hampshire / Vermont in the Upper Valley, where I’ve been for the past 2 years moving here for grad school.

    Prior to that, I spent a long time living in Park City Utah, and in Boulder Colorado, and still consider the mountain west as home!

    I’m returning to training after inadvertently taking a -very- extended break from mountain activities/training while in grad school and figuring out career. Humbling to start at zero and hope to use this group as a way to ensure I’m rebuilding smartly/slowly.

    I’m a bit of a perma-amateur across disciplines but tend to prioritize backcountry skiing in the winter/spring, climbing and trail running/backpacking/fastpacking in the summer. I also have done some more alpinism/mountaineering-focused trips and hope to increase that mix to become a primary focus. I also enjoy time fly fishing, MTB, hunting, hiking, etc. – anything that lets me enjoy the outdoors.

    I’m hoping to build back a base and pursue some moderate objectives in summer of 2023, such as a cascades volcano or two (e.g. mt. baker), and have some bigger objectives for the following years that are the real driver (e.g. Alaska, bigger linkups, etc.)

    Daniel Gerauer on #71553

    Hello, Servus,

    I am from Munich in Germany. My main mountain sport is skiing (ski mountaineering but also backcountry and “normal” slope). In the summer I do alpine climbing and other mountaineering and MTB.
    I can already go very long, but I would like to be faster.
    Main future goal is the PDG from Zermatt to Verbier on skiis in April 2024.

    Somewhere above Susanne named Dufour. I also want to go, but in the spring with skis.
    Last time someone talked about Grossglockner this weekend. How were the conditions? Merci.


    Richard Abbott on #72228

    I’m in CO between Denver and Fort Collins. Much to the chagrin of the “locals” I moved out here from Texas – purely for the mountain access. I’m fortunate to spend much of my year – summer/fall in particular – up in Wyoming. I’m a very experienced wilderness backpacker – especially in the Winds and GYE and have spent a good amount of time up in Alaska (Brooks, Alaska, and Chugach ranges). If you spend too much time walking around mountains, eventually you end up wanting to go up/over them – the last few years I’ve gotten the bug to do a little more “serious” mountaineering. Next year (2023) I’ll be spending a few few weeks in Ecuador and am hoping to summit Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and/or Chimborazo and have a multi-year goal of Denali and similar Alaskan peaks.

    I do have a full-time job (thankfully I work from home), a wife, and two young children (5 & 7), so training time can be very limited. I’m lucky to live near the mountains, but sadly often too busy to get into them more than a few times a month. (Hoping to up that a bit leading into Ecuador though.)

    And I’m an absolutely terrible skiier. I never even touched a ski until I took my first son up to Eldora the first time – so I’m roughly as good as a not-very-good seven year old. I’d like to get better, but it’s not a top priority – I’ll probably continue going with the kids until they leap past me and leave me in their dust.

    Joining in on this “party” a little late – but for good reasons. Ended up squeezing in a couple pretty strenuous trips up in the Absarokas at the beginning of October that left me needing some recovery. Back in the saddle with purpose as of last week.

    Denisa Ronzani on #75024

    Hi, I am in Evergreen, Colorado. Did Kilimanjaro in March 2022, EBC December 2022, planning a Denali prep course in Alaska in May. Would anyone be interested in that? Also looking for a local hiking (Zone 2:) partner.

    rcj on #75048

    I’m in Reno and will be on Rainier in mid-June with RMI. I’ll also be making a run at Shasta’s Casaval Ridge in March and several other spots in the Sierra prior to that. Denali is the goal, and I’m currently thinking about a 2025 trip. I love this group and the guidance from the coaches here.

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