Where is everyone located?

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    To perhaps prevent flooding the forum with threads on individual locations, share your location here to meet up!

    I’m in Salzburg, Austria. I don’t suppose anyone else is nearby? 😀

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    Jonathan Jarosz on #58777

    Hey all! I’m in Michigan just north of Detroit. Headed to Kili in late February.

    Michal Wegrzynski on #58778

    Hey folks, also Seattle here. I’m training for the Baker mountaineering school in June, and Rainier in July. Also looking at a lot of Mailbox hikes in the upcoming months.

    mattmay3s on #58779

    Hi everyone – I’m in Great Malvern, England.

    Heading for Denali in May 2022. And then my first 8000M peak in 2023 – probably Gasherbrum or Broad as I have a yearning to visit the Karakoram. Looking for an adventure between now and Denali if anyone has any good ideas.

    Have climbed Mt Blanc, Mera, Elbrus alongside the UK stuff. Also spent time in the Alps and Pyrenees. Had trip to Spantik cancelled in May this year due to covid.

    Mark McLoughlin on #58786

    Hi folks,

    I’m near Melbourne, Australia. Planning on Mt Cook and Island Peak next year hopefully

    Anna Hern on #58790

    I’m in Southern Arizona (for about half the month) the rest I’m on the road traveling. Mostly Asia (so hotel quarantine) or Europe/Middle East/India.
    Did Rainier last July and got hooked and doing an RMI seminar in Ecuador February 2022.

    bernhard on #58797

    Hey @all,

    Munich based! @Eike and @JMORGANCAMPBELL – we are quite close 🙂

    Happy to meet you all…

    hal on #58821

    Hi – I live in Utah and frequently travel to Arizona. Climbing Rainier in August 2022 with a longer term goal of Denali in 2023. As a trail runner and mountain biker I have a lot to learn. about hiking and climbing.


    Danielle Grundey on #58824

    I am in Columbus, Ohio. Hoping for a summit on Rainier next July. Will spend the next 8 months looking for any elevation. ?
    I am a rookie, so hoping to gain as much knowledge from this group as I can.

    Everett Moran on #58827

    Port Townsend WA

    Tammy Barnhart on #58836

    Hi I live in Sammamish and climbing Rainier end of June with RMI. I see several people in the area training also for Rainier. How do I get contact info to possibly get some hikes in with a group. Looks like Mailbox is the one.

    Tammy Barnhart on #58837

    Hi Tammy again from Sammamish I can’t find where to see anyone’s email. Reach out to me for hiking mailbox. Tamgreg@comcast.net

    Julie Mckelvey on #58845

    Pennsylvania represent! Vinson in 7 weeks then Denali attempt #2 in June:)

    xenab.mansoor on #58861

    Not sure if it’s better to put this here or start a new thread (and in previous post, my email doesn’t show for some reason). I’m heading to mailbox tomorrow (50-70% chance of rain). I’ll be getting to the trailhead at around 9. If anyone wants to join you’re welcome!

    Tammy Barnhart on #58863

    I would love to get out tomorrow to climb Mailbox but have plans already. Who wants to make plans now for next Saturday Mailbox. Reach out 425-761-6689. Tammy

    bill on #58865

    Hello all. I am in Portland, Oregon and working toward climbs of all the usual PNW volcanoes, beginning next summer.

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