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    Hello Steve, Scott, et. al.

    I’m coming off a long term injury (thoracic outlet syndrome) and I’m looking to get back into the game of training for climbing. From my memory, I remember there being workshops at one point… are there plans for workshops? Online options?


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    Anonymous on #16974

    I hope you’re progressing nicely in your rehab. We do not have any plans for more workshops at this point. We do have a couple of short free videos. One that Sam did in Wenatchee last November focused on Muscular Endurance training. One is a sticky at the top of our FB page of me speaking. We also have an 8 hours video course for sale in our store.

    Hopefully one or all of these will work for you.

    Good luck.

    Steve House on #17013

    @alpinerabbit. This is the video version of our full workshop.

    How to Self-Coach for Mountain Sport Lecture Series

    We’re happy to answer any questions that may come up for you here in the forums or at coach@uphillathlete


    Sean Evangelista on #18613

    Just got the 8 hour workshop video. It’s outstanding and has helped me to understand the why’s and how’s of training for the mountains.

    Sean E

    Steve House on #18623

    Great. Thank you Sean.

    Zirbelkiefer on #27175


    I have read both TftNA and TftUA, currently following the 24w mountaineering training plan and read the UA website content on a regular basis. I wonder wether its worth getting access to the Mountain Performance Online Workshop?

    Thank you

    TerryLui on #31456

    Late response but considering you’re staying up to date on the UA website, if you haven’t already I would say it’d be worthwhile for you to check out the online workshop 🙂

    Remco on #43463

    Thanks, these lectures are fantastic!
    Are the TP workouts, as mentions in video 5 “programming + planning” available somewhere?

    Thanks in advance!

    lalobegar on #46007

    I have exactly the same question, it would be great to have access to those workouts, since the last chapters of the workshop rely heavily on them.

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