How to Self-Coach for Mountain Sport Lecture Series

$ 25.00 for 1 year

In this 7-hour online seminar Steve and Scott present a series of lectures that address climbing, ski-mountaineering, SkiMo Racing, and mountain running (up to and including ultra-distances) specific training for the self-coached athlete.

With the purchase you will gain access to Mountain Performance Workshop video content for one year.

Product Description

This workshop is ideal for all self-coached mountain athletes with and without prior training experience as well as professional endurance coaches looking to further their education.

Steve and Scott will teach you how to apply proven training theory in a structured, intelligent way to most effectively train for your mountain sports. Some of the topics covered are:

    • The history of Uphill Athlete: how we know what we know and why we know it works.
    • A brief history of endurance training
    • Creating a relevant self-assessment
    • Short and long term goals: Process vs. Outcome
    • Proven methods of improving your aerobic capacity
    • How to identify and train the fundamental qualities that make up your event
    • Structural and functional training adaptations and why they matter.
    • Understanding Transfer of Training concept to maximize your gains
    • Specificity of training: When, where, and how to incorporate
    • Understanding your aerobic rate-limiters
    • Fat-adaptation and the endurance athlete
    • Diet/training modifications proven to increase long-duration endurance performance
    • Discussion of the scientific-consensus view of fat utilization during exercise
    • Monitoring recovery and training status
    • Fatigue and how to manage it
    • Speed and its relation to strength
    • Strength training for endurance and uphill athletes
    • Muscular Endurance Training: When and How.
    • Planning
    • Administering your plan
    • Specific workout design and programming
    • Building weekly and monthly workout plans
    • How to program with purpose
    • How elites train and what you should, and should not, copy from their training.
    • Understanding performance studies from a coach/athlete point of view. (And why the coaches are always ahead of the scientists.)
    • Real-world examples of a training program’s effect on two athletes: world-class cross-country skier, an Everest climber, and a US Navy SEAL
    • An overview of lactate dynamics and importance of lactate for endurance athletes
    • Use of for planning, recording and analyzing workouts particularly for improvements in aerobic capacity and carried fatigue
    • Understanding and measuring the effect a training session
    • Understanding and measuring your recovery
    • What (nearly all) strength/gym-based coaches don’t understand about training for mountain performance.
    • Capacity Training vs Utilization Training: Concept and application.
    • When and How to do high intensity training. Includes discussion of specific workouts.
    • Understanding the concept of the anaerobic (or lactate) threshold and its relation to endurance
    • How to do anaerobic threshold training. Includes discussion of specific workouts.