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    I have two events coming up and am wondering which training plan you’d suggest (or some hybrid of the two).

    In early April next year, I’ll be climbing Mount Whitney via the MR route over 3 days. And in late March I’ve signed up for a 17 mile trail race (9 trails race in Santa Barbara, CA–doing the two person relay)

    I’m thinking of using Mike Foote’s Big Vert mountain running plan scaled for the distance/vert for both of these endeavors. I might add some additional weight training for the upper body that’s missing from the existing plan to assist with the pack loads on Whitney.

    Or, alternatively, I could use the 16 week Big Mountain plan. In this scenario I thought I’d add some split squat jumps during each of the two strength training sessions to assist with the trail running.

    Am I over thinking this? Does it matter that much?

    Thanks in advance for your input and advice!

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    Anonymous on #31539

    Thanks for writing in with your questions. Both these events require that you can go uphill well. So, even though one is a running race and the other mountaineering, most of the training for one will carry over to the other. You’ve made a good choice to use the Big Vert plan. Be sure to rest well after the race before you begin training again for Whitney. I’d recommend 7-12 days very light exercise and minimal running after the race. Use cross training like cycling. As soon as your legs feel decent again see if you have time to get in 2-4 weighted uphill pack carries as explained in out article on ME training.

    Good luck.

    Aaron on #31578

    How long is the gap between the late March run and early april Whitney trip?

    henson.cr on #31586

    Thanks for response, Scott.

    Aaron, it’ll be a 12 day gap.

    Aaron on #31606

    I think Scott’s advice presumed more of a gap. As he indicates the lions share of that time will be recovery. With only 12 days I don’t think any heavy work will have time for any adaption and recovery for the 3 day. Mountaineering trip.

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