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Leg Imbalance

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    From doing the Runner ME Progressions I’ve discovered that my right leg is much weaker and more unstable than my left. I wonder if it would be beneficial to do more work on my right leg than my left until they seem equally as strong.

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    Brett on #51018

    By more work, I assume you mean more of the ME exercises? I would think you would want to correct any imbalances you have before starting the ME progression, especially if you’re having stability issues. Bad knee tracking is a recipe for disaster when doing box step ups, jumping split squats, etc. with added weight. The Big Vert plan advises against doing hill sprint workouts until any stability issues are resolved, and I can’t help but feel that same would be true for ME workouts, but I could be wrong. I know my first time through the plan, I had knee tracking issues in my right leg, so I focused on a general strength routine for a few weeks and insured my tracking issues were resolved before incorporating ME workouts and hill sprints. It made a world of difference.

    Anonymous on #51536

    Our new Mountain Fit strength videos will be good for single-leg work and stability: https://uphillathlete.com/chamonix-mountain-fit-a-video-based-guided-at-home-progressive-strength-program/

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