Coaching Details

Uphill Athlete Coaching is online coaching with athlete accountability. Coaching is by far our most popular and effective option with athletes of all levels, with any goal. All Coaching includes unlimited communication via phone, text, email, and premium membership to is included.

Who are these coaches? Steve and Scott are highly protective of our reputation and the quality of all our work and information and we strive to provide only great coaches at Uphill Athlete. We only bring in coaches we have long-term relationships with. The Uphill Athlete coaching family is a tight one with strong bonds and long relationships. As our numerous testimonials will attest: When you work with any of our coaches you can be assured of receiving an extraordinary level of expertise and personal service.

I am not even an athlete, can coaching be for me?
The core of Uphill Athlete Coaching is to meet our athletes where they are, every day.
What do I get?
Uphill Athlete Coaching is true daily coaching. We create unique, individualized daily workouts based on your fitness, performance, recovery and sized to your schedule.
How do I know if I’m doing the workouts correctly?
We provide feedback on every workout and make adjustments to your training as often as needed.
How do we communicate?
We communicate in whatever way works best for you. Our preference is to utilize TrainingPeaks. But we also use text, email, telephone, Skype, and WhatsApp depending on where you live and what you prefer.
What is TrainingPeaks?
Uphill Athlete Coaching includes premium-level access to the online training logging and analysis tool, TrainingPeaks is integral to our success as it provides not only a coach-athlete communication tool, but more importantly it also gives us access to powerful analytics and performance management tools to track training stress, acute training load, and chronic training load.
How do I get the workouts?
Each morning your workout is delivered to your email, or if you prefer, displayed in your favorite calendar application. The email will also give you a summary of the next two planned workouts.
How do you know what I’ve done for training?
Most of our athletes use Garmin, Polar or Suunto devices to record their training time, distance, and heart rate. Use of one of these devices is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended. Most of these devices can set to automatically send your completed workouts directly to TrainingPeaks via Bluetooth on your mobile device. We are then notified immediately of the completed workout and will review, comment, and if necessary, modify the next day’s training.
What is the weekly time commitment?
This is one of the first questions we’ll ask you. Most people will need at least 4-5 hours per week to start. As you become fitter, the amount of training time needed to continue improving will increase. The highest level athletes we coach train an average of twenty hours per week.
I’m busy? Is there a coaching plan for a time-crunched athlete?
Yes. We can work to deliver the best training plan possible for athletes on tight schedules.
Is there a minimum overall time commitment?
Yes. We ask for a four month (16 week) minimum. We are not willing to put our reputations and energy on the line for people with less than 16 weeks to train. With less than 16 weeks we can not guarantee the fitness results know we will deliver.
If I live in Timbuktu can you coach me?
To date we have coached athletes in the US, Canada, Europe, Central America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica.
What device do you recommend?
A list of devices that synch up with can be found on their website here. Our favorite review site for all things sport-tech is
These watches/heart rate monitors are expensive. Is there a less expensive option?
The least expensive workout tracking tool—if you have a smartphone—is probably a Bluetooth or Ant enabled HR monitor strap that connects wirelessly to one of the free workout tracking apps. (see below)
What smartphone based apps are compatible with TrainingPeaks?
A complete list of apps that will synch with TrainingPeaks is available here.
Can I use a wrist-based heart rate monitor such as an iWatch or Garmin Forerunner 225?
No because they don’t deliver the reliability and accuracy we need at this time.