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    Hi guys, i’m new to the this forum this is my very first post,

    and i have a question that i think have been asked many times before already.

    “the zones”

    I am struggling to determinate what my training zones are, aerobic and lactate threshold. from what I have read in then book is not very clear.

    i am a lifelong sprinter that is recently make the switch to endurance, if you guys could help understand the whole idea of how to carculate the zones i need to be training in, i would appreciate it alot.

    also maybe a stupid question but are the zones on my garmin watch reliable ?

    thankyou all

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    Jane Mackay on #85585

    Hi Kira,
    Sorry for the late reply.

    In basic terms, in the Uphill Athlete methodology, these are the zones:
    Recovery Zone: ambling along a flat street, very relaxed
    Zone 1: easy effort, you can easily carry on a conversation without puffing
    Zone 2: harder effort but you can still talk in complete sentences : Aerobic threshold (AeT) = top of Zone 2
    Zone 3: “fun hard” — an intensity you can maintain for at most one hour : Anaerobic threshold (AnT) = top of Zone 3
    Zone 4: hard – an intensity you can maintain for at most several minutes

    The UA method uses the two threshold markers — AeT and AnT — to guide training.

    This article outlines the zones and shows their relationship to the metabolism (using fat vs using carbs/glucose for fuel):

    Uphill Athlete Training Zones Heart Rate Calculator

    This article explains (with a video) how to do the HR drift test to determine the top of your zone 2:

    Does that help?

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