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    Emese Foss

    Hi, I’ve noticed in the last few days of the Aerobic Workouts, that I have to move a lot faster to keep my heart rate in Zone 2, and to try to keep it on the upper levels of my Zone 2 HR. My workouts have been uphill most of the way. At this faster pace, I’ve noticed that my breathing is very steady, very deep and very relaxed, but I wouldn’t say that I could have an ongoing conversation at that pace. Is this okay? Thanks, Emese

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    Anonymous on #58358

    Hi Emese,
    Great question. You do not have to keep your HR at or near your AeT for your entire workout. Your AeT is a threshold meaning it is at the top of your Zone 2. Ideally your HR stays below that number. It is a number that if you hit you want to slow down to stay below. So ideally during aerobic workouts your HR will stay in zone two and maybe some zone one, it will fluctuate up and down if outdoors going up and down hill for example. So instead I’d set a pace that you can have a conversation. If you are outdoors and go up a hill and your HR trends up toward your AeT that’s fine, slow down a bit if needed.
    I hope this helps ( :

    Emese Foss on #58390

    Perfect, thanks. I’ve been keeping my HR within the Zone 2 HR numbers and will keep it up. Thanks!

    Anonymous on #58394

    Sounds good and keep up the great work ( :

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