Winter Maintenance Runs

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    Brandon Phillips

    I’m mostly skiing in the winter- nordic and backcountry. I have a couple of skate-ski marathons planned for this March. Last year I had a hard transition back into mountain running, mostly relating to the impact on my joints. It was probably about 4-5 weeks before I really felt good running. This year I’m trying to get ahead of that by putting in a couple of days running per week as well as the Chamonix mountain fit program, and maybe some additional cross-training in the gym. Any thoughts on hours/mileage per week that ease the transition from skiing to running in the spring?

    I’ve already got my (running) training schedule figured out for 2023. The ultimate goal would be to take my fitness from nordic skiing and apply it as efficiently as possible when I transition primarily to running.

    My first target mountain race for 2023 is the Juneau Ridge Race at the end of June. It’s about 15 miles and 5,000ft of elevation. The 2022 information is here:


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