Why Strength Train?

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    Happy Recovery Week All!
    Enjoy and really kick back. Whenever I have a recovery week, I find the extra time in my life to be deeply appreciated. I might find a new recipe to cook, maybe get some of those pesky things off my to do list, or just relax and enjoy not having quite as frenetic a schedule trying to get it all done.

    Below I’ve attached a few links about hormones and strength training, why we should strength train as we age especially, and some more science around the physiologic changes happening.
    There are the obvious reasons why we should strength train:
    Joint/Injury prevention
    Bone density/Tendon and ligament strength
    Sport performance – power output
    Metabolic efficiency – increased capilarization of muscle tissue.
    Confidence – do a pull up, generally just be able to move and lift things easily.
    Fat Loss – muscle burns more calories than fat, increased RMR.

    However, many women are still less likely to strength train on a regular basis and it is hugely important that we do and develop that habit life long.
    And you guessed it, the next zoom chat on the 8th we will be focusing in on Strength and answering any questions you might have.

    Enjoy the reading below if you have time!

    Effect of Estrogen on Musculoskeletal Performance and Injury Risk


    Why do girls sustain more anterior cruciate ligament injuries than boys?: a review of the changes in estrogen and musculoskeletal structure and function during puberty


    Muscle tissue changes with aging


    Changes in muscle mass and strength after menopause


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    Kristy Levorson on #62855

    Thank you for sharing! Strength training is definitely something I’ve struggled with keeping consistent, looking forward to the next zoom discussion.

    Anonymous on #62911

    Wow! Thank you so much for all this. So appreciated.

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