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    Hi I am presently in week 2 of the free rock climbing training program you put up.

    I am scribbling all my results and training down in a diary.

    In the training there is links to a page to log the finger boarding and another page to log the rest. I cant seem to edit in the page for fingerboarding (Recruitment Fingerboarding Log as a PDF).
    under fingerboard max hangs there is a link: Here is Josh’s Fingerboard Max Hangs Workout as a PDF for you to print out at home i entern that and then once entered another link which is not possible to enter:

    under the title:

    1. Create a small workout logbook


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    Thomas Summer, MD on #40971

    Hey rhysmacallister!

    I would recommend to post this question in the “general training discussion”, because as a MD I have no idea what you are talking about;-)


    Anonymous on #40988

    #moved to Climbing!

    Anonymous on #41078

    Thanks for letting us know. We’re working on a fix…

    Anonymous on #41679

    Hey @rhysmacallister: Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

    Unfortunately, we’re having some trouble finding the original DOC file for that workout description, but you can check out this page for a description of the plan. And here’s the training log.

    I hope that helps!

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