When to begin plan?

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    I am climbing Mount Blanc in July. I purchased a 16 week training plan, and started this week. This would have my plan ending in May. Should I just repeat the first month twice, or what’s the recommended approach?

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    axjms1 on #62928

    I am not a coach around here but I am pretty sure they would tell you to start now with the transition month and repeat a base training month or however many weeks you have extra until you can continue the plan and taper as prescribed so your plan ends with Mount Blanc in July.

    The other option would be to get the 24 week plan and do that. It seems like that would get you right on the schedule to climb in July. The cost of a well tailored plan is trivial compared to the trip to Mount Blanc and all that.


    rcd1649 on #62929

    Thank you! They actually recommended the 16 week plan, but I’m thinking another month of base training won’t hurt.

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