when to add/postponed recovery week ?

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    Hello, I have a question. After four base weeks, today is the first day of the recovery week in the plan. During the training I felt great, maybe even the strongest in a few weeks, but nevertheless I did a calmer training. Should I postpone the recovery week in such mishaps and do another base week in a row? And introduce the regeneration week only when I feel weaker physical condition?

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    Shashi on #47272

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    Assuming you progressively increased training load over the four weeks, I think having a recovery week would be recommended.

    You might find this topic helpful –

    How to schedule the recovery week

    Check the Uphill Athlete website and its Forum for recovery related articles/posts.

    Anonymous on #47278

    It is far better to err on the conservative side and do the recovery week before you need it than to wait too long and then need more time to recover. If you feel the strongest yet that means your body is at a new level of fitness that it has never had (or maybe not in some months or years). When that happens you should let your body have a chance to absorb all the training you’ve done rather than be greedy and try for even more fitness beyond this new level.


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