What to Do After Training Cycle?

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    Hey all,
    I’m around 13 weeks into my couch-to-50k training I have been doing and have been wondering how I am going transition into winter activities. I have both TFTUA and TFTNA and am using the 20 week program for cat 1 50k race from TFTUA. I plan on switching my training after the 50k program to more backcountry touring/mountaineering and was wondering what program from the books people would recommend. As I the only other running I’ve done is the 400m in HS/college 2-3 years ago I have no idea on how long I should take to recover before I start back into training. My only other worry is that I will be working as a ski patroller full time this winter and am concerned about overtraining due to the nature of the job.

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