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    Hi everyone. Merry Christmas from Australia!

    I’m trying to test my AeT on a treadmill, using the protocol described here:

    I’ve done the test 3 times now, but my heart rate always drifts downwards from 1st to 2nd half of the test, not upwards! It goes down 4-6 percent when I compare the avg HR 1st half to the 2nd half in TrainingPeaks.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I thought maybe I wasn’t going hard enough, so today I made a big effort and cranked up the speed. RPE was about 7.5/10. Same drift downwards though. I am also wondering whether it’s the HR monitor being inaccurate. It’s a Polar H10. I use ECG gel, so it shouldn’t dry out that quickly. Maybe I need to replace the strap. I am ~30 and just started exercising a month ago if that is useful information.

    I’ve attached a table of my results as an image (screenshot from Excel). In case it’s not visible, here’s a summary:
    every attempt: incline 15, test length 60m
    attempt 1: warmup 25m; test speed 4.8kmh; 1st half avg HR 117; 2nd half avg HR 112
    attempt 2: warmup 20m; test speed 5.1kmh; 1st half avg HR 124; 2nd half avg HR 117
    attempt 3: warmup 19m; test speed 5.6kmh; 1st half avg HR 132; 2nd half avg HR 126

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