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    Chris B

    I’ve got some Pomoca Race Grip skins and they’re definitely feeling like they’re gliding a little slower than when I first got them on snow. There’s been a lot of wet snow, and a lot of just bad snow. Probably have only 15k ft of vertical on them so far, so not much at all.

    When do people start thinking about waxing skins? Any tips (I’ve seen places saying to use ski wax and an iron, and I’ve heard just rub in a block of normal paraffin etc.)? Any thoughts on how conditions and care can improve or worsen skin glide? Thanks!

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    Anonymous on #35437

    That’s unusual that they would feel slower. Normally Pomoca skins are slower to start, ideal after ~20km or ~4,000m of gain, and then they slow down late in life when the felt is wearing off. Perhaps it’s the snow conditions that you mention? Dry snow is definitely faster.

    I’ve used the 2.0 Grip as well, and they seemed to have the same life cycle, although not as glidey as straight up 2.0.

    I never wax my skins during training (can’t be bothered), but I always wax them for races. I rub on a wax that’s appropriate for the temperature and then iron it in. Rub the wax with the direction of the felt and keep the iron moving fast, just enough to melt it.

    This’ll give you an idea: https://www.instagram.com/p/Buy9HNGneCe/

    Chris B on #35513

    Could just be snow conditions. Or maybe I actually need to get a few more thousand feet up up on them to see if they break in more. I did try out waxing some old and worn training skins I had though, and it definitely dramatically improved glide on them. Thanks Scott!

    Anonymous on #35556

    Also, make sure you cut them short enough. With good skinning technique, you don’t need a skin longer than 10-15cm behind the back of the heel piece.

    When in doubt, cut them longer and experiment. It’s hard to adjust if you start short and then adjust… 🙂

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