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    I had a question concerning doing a warm-up climb before a major ascent.

    In theory if someone were to follow the 24 week mountaineering plan in preparation for a climb of Denali, and were to say roughly 2 weeks before their trip to Alaska, climb Mt. Rainier via the DC (in April), followed by 4 days of rest, then follow the scheduled program for the remainder of their taper week, reap any extra physiological benefits that would translate to their climb of Denali?

    I have done this on a smaller scale, having climbed Mt. Athabasca in a day as a warm up climb for my first ascent of Rainier, followed by a similar taper of 4 days off and a few days of tapered cardio and strength, however wanted to consult the larger opinions of others on this forum. I can’t speak directly to my fitness in this anecdote, but psychologically it gave me a major confidence boost before heading to Washington.



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