Valid outdoor Aet test

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    See my 123 TSS run workout. I did 18.8 km in 2:22:05. #trainingpeaks

    Just finding out if this is a valid Aet drift test outdoors. I unfortunately had to sellmy treadmill. Wonderedif this was too much elevation gain. There were walking to keep HR as steady as I could. Thanks for looking.
    It was a road run

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    There was a break at 63 minutes, so it’s hard to tell. I wouldn’t use the whole duration as an AeT test.

    If we assume a 13m warm-up and 25m test halves, then there wasn’t any drift. Provided it was an AeT intensity (and not AnT), you could do another faster test.

    However, for the best results, be sure to do a full 15m warm-up and 60m test.

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