Uphill Sprints in Skimo Training Plan

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    I just got off the Mike Foote Uphill training plan and successfully completed a three day race based on it (Whistler Alpine Meadows Triple Wammy). I took about three weeks of active recovery and am now moving into the Skimo Training plan (third year on this plan) feel pretty good about my base and overall strength.

    Because I did a bunch of uphill sprints and other ME in the Mike Foote plan, can I skip the uphill sprint stage of the Skimo Plan and go right into Z3 Weighted Climb? Perhaps start with an hour instead of 1.5? (I plan to still do the Skimo Strength progression as proscribed as my upper body did not get as much attention under the Mike Foote plan).

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    Anonymous on #30913

    That depends on whent the sprints and ME work was done.

    I recommend keeping some sprints in your program at all times. Early in a cycle that can be with a sprint focus; later, for speed maintenance. It’s good to think of sprints as “base” training for speed. It’s something you always want to either develop or maintain.

    If the sprints in the skimo program repeat from the Foote program, you could progress them as required. This can be done by either increasing the number of reps or the length of the interval (in increments of ~5 seconds).

    yesisaidyes on #30969

    Super helpful, Scott, thanks – makes sense. I did the first iteration of sprints and it was good! So will keep working on that.

    I was also thinking I might carry 10 kilos of cookies up a hill and then eat all the cookies at the top. I will report back if this yields good results!

    mitchlorkin on #34568

    Hi all,

    I’m currently in week 2 of the advanced skimo training plan gearing up for a season of racing in Europe. Normally I don’t have such available access to snow at my door, but this year I do 200m with 25% gradient. Are the hill sprint workouts better to be sport specific on skis in this case?

    If so, should I do all workouts on skis?



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