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    while knowing that it basically depends on which kind/type of week and the whole training program in general, I have this simple question.

    what about introducing an uphill WO the day just before an easy/aerobic (Z1) but Long key run?

    the workout I’m talking about would be a Z3 uphill ME uphill reps which will take more or less 1h30m in total (warm up / cool down included). the elevation gain for this wo would be about 19% of the weekly total D+.
    then, the day after I’m planning an Z1 long run with a lot of elevation gain, about 45-50% of the totaly weekly D+.

    the reasons I’m are planning this are the following:

    – on saturday morning I have more time to spend and the possibility to do the WO with fresh legs and MIND (no worries about being late at work etc..)
    – the idea would also be to do a Long run on sunday with quite “tired” legs from the day before in order to simulate some kind of backtoback days and be physically/mentally trained for my next ultra race (60/3000d+).

    is this a good idea?
    do I have to avoid this?


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    Anonymous on #38196

    For the reason you state, it sounds like a good idea. I don’t think you have to avoid it, just be careful on the long day. You should expect to be slower and accept that. Don’t try and keep the pace you would if you were fresh, because (for that day) it may be too high of an intensity.

    My only concern would be a total weekend load that is so large that it reduces your volume in the following week. That’s a big no-no with ME training. You need to keep your global volume as high as when you start ME.

    uphill_dhamma on #38229

    scott, thanks for your reply and precious advices.

    following your concern about the total volume of the week I decided to reduce the duration of the whole workout to 1h10′.
    tomorrow will be an easy Z1 4h run.

    so large that it reduces your volume in the following week.

    can you elaborate more on this?
    by what criteria are you reducing volume and how?

    Anonymous on #38329

    Sorry for the confusion. What I meant is that when doing ME work, if the fatigue is so great that you have to reduce the amount of general aerobic work (below aerobic threshold), then the ME load is too high.

    ME training has a mix of positive and negative effects. If your global training volume is reduced because of fatigue, your aerobic capacity will suffer, and the negative effects will overwhelm the positive.

    You can only do as much ME training that still allows for general volume to be maintained.

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