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    Hi all:
    This time I have two questions:
      1) If an athlete in the transition period has his VT1 = 90% VT2, could he train intensity intervals (Z3 and Z4) in this period or better wait for the base period?
      2) in case of doing two workouts a day (with 2h rest between these), is it better to do session in z1 and strength session, or interval session and strength session, or Z1 session and interval session?
    Waiting for your wise answers.
    A greeting

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    Anonymous on #14039

    If you have a high aerobic capacity then you can and should mix in more high intensity to your plan. Where you do this in the Transition period depends on how worked you are from your last major effort (expedition, race, etc) You can’t go wrong by being a bit conservative and focusing on the aerobic base in these early week. To keep some intensity in your program during this time I’d recommend using short speed or power workouts like hill sprints. These will provide a good base for more extensive HIIT later.

    I prefer do the strength/speed/HIIT workouts on the same day when doing 2-a-days. Another good option is to do these higher intensity workouts early when you are fresh and then the low intensity aerobic work later.


    chiquetetekik on #14044

    Scott, thanks you very much for yours answers!!!!

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