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    Hello FUA’s!
    We have another zoom tomorrow and will be discussing how to really utilize and understand your Training Peaks data, a discussion of CTL/ATL/TSB, which require a minimum of 7 weeks of data in TP to truly be useful, and more data makes those numbers more accurate. And how we as coaches use those tools.

    Additionally we have had a few questions about HIIT training so we can hit on that as well as any other questions that have arisen through your training thus far.

    Looking forward to see you all tomorrow,
    Carolyn and Maya.

    And as always if you have any questions and cannot make the zoom please note them here and we will make sure they are answered.( :

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    Darcie Clark on #64344

    I hate to ask and I’m hoping I didn’t miss something obvious. Has the video for the last meeting on the 8th been posted to the drive, I don’t see it. Thanks so much.

    Anonymous on #64350

    Hi Darcie,
    It does not look like it is, UA is redesigning their website and there has been a lot of down time this week so I’m not sure if this is interfering with the upload etc. Let me check in and we’ll get it sorted out asap!
    Thank you for asking!

    Coach on #64357

    Hello All,

    I am so sorry! I completely spaced uploading the video! It will be up ASAP!

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