Training through uncertain schedule

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    Hey team,

    I’ve read through the forum and haven’t found a similar question so hopefully this proves useful to more than just me!

    A family member is terminally ill and has been for quite some time. For the vast majority of the time, training has taken place as scheduled. As we near the end, scheduling anything comes with an element of uncertainty. How would you suggest training through this period?

    I was considering taking it in a “block style” approach:

    2x Strength sessions
    2x Zone 2 sessions
    2x Zone 1 sessions

    Currently, maintaining strength is a priority so the first time I find myself able to train, I’d do a session then based on time available (will vary each day). Next time I have to train, Z2 run based on time available.

    Once I’ve reached the bottom of the list, start back at the top and take a strength session etc etc. I’m under no illusion that this style wouldn’t necessarily improve anything, I’m coming at this from a damage control standpoint.

    Being physical has always been an anchor in my life, regardless of what else is happening so the “take time off and spend time with the family” approach wouldn’t sit well.

    Any comments/thoughts on the above approach? Anyone else trained through something similar? I’m here to listen and learn 🙂

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