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    With skimo season coming up and the snow falling here in SLC I’m starting to get some days on snow as part of my base training. Living in SLC I have easy access to the mountains to ski or run/hike, however some work days I only have time for a shorter workout after work. On these days I could drive an extra 20-30mins to get on snow, but that cuts into the amount of climbing I’d get for the day. Would it be more beneficial for me to do just go out and power hike/run one of our peaks in the foothills, where I could easily get 1500-3000ft+ of climbing in on these days? Or do you think the specificity of getting on snow, even at the expense of 1000ft of climbing I could do on foot, outweighs the benefits of additional climbing? Thanks.


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    Anonymous on #30946

    Good question. I lean toward the additional volume rather than the longer drive. You can also use poles and lengthen your stride like Johnston Sensei to make it more specific.

    Anonymous on #30967

    I agree with Semple. Ski striding with poles is going to have direct carry over to skinning so building more volume closer to home on work days make sense.


    mjn3289 on #30980

    Sounds good, thanks for the responses!

    geraldkrahn321 on #31688

    That was good.

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