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    So here’s my story. 47. Male. 210lbs 5’10lbs. My main uphill sport would be splitboarding….and I guess mountain biking if we “count” that lol. I’m about halfway through the book and absolutely loving it, but looking for a bit of advice. I’m fairly certain that I am not training as effectively as I could be. I’m strong, especially in the gym….but I’m the classic slowest guy on the skin track once we get out side. So I need some help in changing my approach…..however, the other side of my coin is that I am also a firefighter and I need/want to maintain a decent amount of muscular strength and power in order to fulfill my duty’s on my dept. I’m on our extrication team….so I spend a lot of time using heavy hydraulic cutting tools and pulling vehicles apart etc. I’m also in charge of the workout training schedule for my team. We meet 5 days a week at 630 am to workout together. I really want to change up my training to perform better on the skin track, without (hopefully) losing too much on the brute strength side of the coin….I know that is a bit of a cake and eat it too situation….but I’m guessing that having higher endurance and less fatigue will be as valuable on scene as brute strength. If that makes any sense….

    I have access to a full free weight gym. As well as a smith machine. Cable machine. Treadmill. Rowing machine. Elliptical and an exercise bike and of course the outdoors. But it is October in Alberta…winter is here!! Lol. I’m a terrible runner….and really don’t enjoy it….but I can do it if needed.

    To be clear, I’m not looking to get to elite athlete or competition level. Just want to change my training regimen to improve my performance in the skin track and on the fire scene….without sacrificing too much strength if possible. I’m also working hard on nutrition and moving closer and closer to my goal weight of 185.

    Anyone want to help me work up like a 4 week training schedule that I can start to Implement with me and my team??

    Thanks for reading.

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    David Thompson on #46162

    Hi there,

    Good question. I included a link below to our muscular endurance workout progression. That is a great place to start.

    Uphill Athlete ME

    danwebster on #46163

    Thank you!

    I’m not seeing a link? Will it show up on a mobile device?

    David Thompson on #46167

    Here it is

    FREE At Home Muscular Endurance Workout with Progression

    If this doesn’t work then enter “Muscular Endurance” to the search bar in the upper right, it is the first article in the results.

    danwebster on #46179

    Cool. Thanks.

    Would it be a terrible idea to purchase the hut to hut training program but also include in some compound lift sets to help maintain my overall power base?

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